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Halo Trainer

Halo® Training: Applications to Global Stability

This workshop examines how the Halo® Trainer can be used to take advantage of movement patterns that recruit muscles of the global stabilizer system. The global stabilizer system of muscles functions in an integrated sling system. Each sling is comprised of several muscles and other structures. Together, they produce forces that assist in the transfer of loads that is essential to the control of movement. The focus of this workshop will be on the neuromuscular training of multiple muscle groups and motor patterns through anatomical linkages that unite the muscles of both the pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle to the spine resulting in improved functional outcomes.

Learning objectives

  1. Ensure an effective and safe program using the Halo Trainer, Stability Ball and Toning Balls™.
  2. Determine how to ensure good technique, neuromuscular control and effective progressions for each client.
  3. Explore Halo training methodology specific to programming for injuries and special populations that is based on a muscle function classification system.
  4. Learn Halo exercises that target a variety of slings comprising the global stabilizer system.

Additional details

Workshop Length: 6 hours
REPs 6.0
ACE 0.6
canfitpro 3.0
Level of Difficulty: Essential/Intermediate
Equipment used in the Workshop

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