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Workshop details

Difficulty Essential / Intermediate
Duration 2 hours


canfitpro 1.0
REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed educationcanfitpro approved continuing education

Applying the CORE™ Principles, this workshop developed by the team at Merrithew™, emphasizes the importance of proper biomechanics to progress athletes appropriately to achieve their goals quickly and effectively. Guiding a distance runner through movement training will improve performance by increasing movement efficiency, adding hip and pelvic stability throughout the running motion and providing a foundation of core stability and strength from which power and endurance can be developed. Participants will be able to apply athletic conditioning concepts to help runners meet the demands of the sport, decrease the incidence of injuries and improve performance.

Learning objectives

  1. Determine the training protocols most appropriate for distance runners.
  2. Explore the fundamental CORE training principles to intelligently address common demands for this population.
  3. Learn how key elements of injury prevention factor into a specially designed program.
  4. Discover how performance in the sport can be increased through a thoughtful and intelligently designed exercise program.

Equipment used in the workshop

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