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Instructor Trainer bios

Jennifer Peng

Yi-Chun (Jennifer) Peng

SmartCare Pilates Studio
Taipei, Taiwan

IT qualifications

Additional credentials and designations
M.S. in Physical Therapy, National Taiwan University, Physical Therapist



Jennifer has been teaching the STOTT PILATES® method since 2005. In 2011, she completed her Full Certification and went on to become an Instructor Trainer for Merrithew™, specializing in STOTT PILATES Rehab.  She is also a qualified ZENGA™ Instructor. Working as a physical therapist she is always in search of ways to solve the problems of pain, movement dysfunction, and motor control, and has practiced teaching Pilates clinically as a primary treatment for more than 8 years. Jennifer has conducted research on the effect of Pilates on low back pain and found that pain relief with Pilates was confirmed.  Her belief is "movements solve movement problems".  Over time, Jennifer becomes more and more enthusiastic about combining STOTT PILATES and ZENGA together for her clients’ treatment. 

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