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The Halo® program is designed for fitness instructors teaching group classes and individual clients. More than just a prop, the Halo Trainer is featured as the basis for a complete training program that allows instructors to manipulate exercise attributes and intensity in individual training plans. Incorporating the basic science behind core-integrated body weight training, the unique design of the Halo Trainer and the use of a Stability Ball and additional small props, gives fitness trainers extensive and highly applicable tools.

The Halo Instructor Foundation Course presents the concepts of interval training principles and variables, the theories of both timed and repetition-based programs, and exercise sequences that progress through the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (Level 1–4 Halo Training).

The Halo Training System is applicable to all levels of clients and the workouts are designated in Levels:

  • Level 1 – entry level to fitness. This client is healthy but new to Halo training and has engaged in some physical activity. Exercises are used for foundational training to build proper biomechanics and begin building muscular strength and endurance.
  • Level 2 – moderate fitness level. This client has been working out regularly at least 2–3 times week for 3–6 months with bodyweight training or resistance training or has progressed from the Level 1 Halo training and can apply the principles of core stabilization effectively.
  • Level 3 – good fitness level. This client has been working out consistently at least 4–6 times a week for 8–12 months and is ready for additional challenge in a workout. These exercises are very challenging and require greater core stabilization and upper and lower body strength.
  • Level 4 – experienced exerciser or competitive athlete. This client has mastered all three previous levels and can perform expert level exercises.

General Course Objectives:

  • Learn the history of the Halo Training principles and variables and how they can be used to create intensive training plans for group classes and individuals.
  • Understand the concept and value of interval training.
  • Learn how to use the Halo Trainer alone or with other props to create intensive workouts.
  • Explore different types of exercise intervals, i.e. timed and repetition-based.
  • Learn full curriculum of the beginner, intermediate and advanced movement patterns of the Halo Training System.

HALO® Training Instructor Foundation Course, Level 1

This 7-hour course provides the groundwork education for Instructors, enabling them to produce safe, effective and varied core-integrated body weight training programs for Level 1 clients, using the unique design of the Halo Trainer and a Stability Ball™ and Resistance Loop™. The course presents the concepts of interval training principles and variables, the theories of both timed and repetition-based programs, and exercise sequences that are applicable to any healthy client new to Halo Training. Discover the model for movement mastery in this interactive learning session and take away a plethora of detailed exercises in 8 complete workouts, including one designed for a group class setting.


HALO® Training Instructor Foundation Course, Level 2

This 7-hour course builds on the concepts learned in the Level 1 program, allowing instructors to create a variety of interval-based workouts for Level 2 & 3 clients – those who have been working out with the Halo Trainer and Stability Ball with additional props like the Resistance Loop and are ready for increased challenge. Instructors will establish criteria for movement mastery at a higher degree of difficulty, review the theories of interval training for overall body conditioning, strength and endurance training and injury prevention, and learn two leveled progressions of seven different workouts. This course will also feature an example of a Circuit Training group class.

HALO®** is a registered trademark of HALO Rehab and Fitness, LLC.


Education Materials

For the course a complete set of notes is provided to students on the first day of the program. These are included with the course fee and cannot be purchased separately


Equipment Required

1 per Student: Halo Trainer; Halo Trainer Stability Ball; Resistance Loop™

This course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement (personal training and/or strength conditioning experience) or someone with an interest in developing these skills. Those interested in taking the Halo Training Instructor Foundation Course, Level 2, must have completed the Level 1 course.

Courses/Workshops fees:

Click below for a price list from the Toronto Corporate Training Center for courses, exams and materials.
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  • Prices listed are for the Toronto Corporate Training Center and are provided as a reference. Prices will vary depending on region and location. Please contact individual training centres for up-to-date pricing information as well as any packages or discounts that may be available.

There are no exams for the HALO® program.

Please note: These are general MERRITHEW Policies. Please refer to the specific course and facility policies when registering for instructor training at any of our licensed training facilities around the world.

Prospective Pregnant Registrants

While it is considered safe and desirable to work out during pregnancy our courses can be quite demanding, and have not been tailored for pregnant women. We do not accept registration into our courses from students who are knowingly pregnant. Under certain circumstances permission may be granted for select workshops. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Senior Program Director, Education at least 30 days prior to the workshop date.


We allow auditing of the following courses if a student has previously taken them: IMP, IR, ICAD, ICHR, IBRL, AM, AR, ACAD, ACHR, ABRL, CMR, and CCCB. We also allow auditing of the ISP course if taken post-June 2007 to present and the RMR1, RMR2, RCCB1 and RCCB2 courses if taken post-June 2012. Please contact your closest Training Center if you are interested in auditing. We do not however, allow auditing of any Functional Anatomy course and any of the workshops we offer (CEC / introductory) as the main goal of the workshops is continuing education and not certification.

Please note: Auditing is not permitted for any Foundation Course.

Absenteeism & Make-up Hours

No time can be missed during any Foundation Course and there will be no make-up hours. If any of the course time is missed, the course must be re-taken.

Video or Audio Recording

Audio or video recordings of courses being taught is strictly prohibited. If there are exceptional circumstances that make this necessary, the student must apply for and receive express written permission from the Senior Program Director, Education and sign a contract restricting its use. This policy is to help us avoid any infringement on our intellectual property.


Candidates must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any STOTT PILATES® course, workshop or examination.

Grievance and Appeals Process

Students who choose to submit a formal grievance regarding their education training may do so in writing to instructorcustomercare@merrithew.com within 30 days of the course or workshop completion. Grievances should include details regarding the specific situation, the desired resolution of the grievance, and any other relevant supporting information. All grievances will be attended to within 60 days of receipt.