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Asia Fitness Conference

Bangkok, Thailand | Oct 18-20




Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
88 Debaratana Road (km. 1) Bangna Tai.
Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand


The Asia Fitness Conference (AFC) – Leading Wellness through Lifestyle Transformation – is back for the 15th time. The event will take place in BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand from Friday 18th October to Sunday 20th October 2024. AFC consists of learning, exercising, networking and having fun in Asia’s most impactful fitness conference.

Come to share experiences, build your career and celebrate being part of the growing, prospering and rapidly changing fitness and wellness industry in Asia.



Friday, October 18
3:15–4:30 PM STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning on Stability Cushions
Discover a new and intensive core training workout, developed by the Merrithew® team, featuring the Stability Cushions™. Controlling instability with a pair of cushioned disks requires activation of the stabilizing muscles of the torso, shoulders, and hips. Exercises are designed to elicit greater proprioceptive awareness and recruit the deep support systems of the whole body while developing greater coordination and control. Discover a new facet to Matwork programs that increase body awareness and core stability in movements that bridge the gap between simple core training routines and functional movement patterns necessary in athletic conditioning.
Saturday, October 19
4:15–5:30 PM STOTT PILATES® Essential Matwork on Stability Cushions
Traditional Essential-level exercises, developed by the Merrithew® team, are presented in a whole new way with the addition of a pair of cushioned disks. The inherent instability of the inflated disks requires even greater activation of the stabilizing muscles of the torso, shoulders and hips. Used alone or together, the Stability Cushions elicit greater proprioceptive awareness and recruit the deep support systems of the whole body while developing greater coordination and control. Discover a new way to challenge your clients and take everyday Essential Matwork to another level, providing more variety for your clients and more fun for everyone.
Sunday, October 20
8:30–10:00 AM STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning on the Mat
This workshop developed by the Merrithew® team demonstrates dynamic movement sequences that take full advantage of the body’s own weight and gravity. These moves are guaranteed to develop ultimate strength and stability particularly through the core, including the lumbo-pelvic region. The workshop features an intense abdominal series, sequences with rotation and mobilization as well as a section dedicated to front and side planks.
1:00–2:15 PM STOTT PILATES® Personal Training Matwork
Specific tools and information are needed to better train Pilates clients one-on-one. Learn how to cue and correct effectively to help clients achieve optimal form. With this workshop, developed by the Merrithew® team, discover how to observe clients to see if they are stable, correctly aligned, moving fluidly and efficiently, using the right amount of resistance or using correct equipment adjustments. See how to modify exercises using starting position, range of motion, preparations, and varying dynamics to make the exercises even more appropriate for each client.


Vichael Mak

Vichael Mak
Lead Instructor Trainer

Vichael is the proud co-owner of VIM Pilates Studio, a Merrithew® Host Training Center in Hong Kong. In 2010, he became the first Merrithew Instructor Trainer specializing in STOTT PILATES® in Greater China region. Awarded the Rookie IT in 2012 and is a Lead IT currently.

Being able to teach bilingually in English and Chinese, Vichael has trained students in Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan, Thailand. His courses and workshops always attract a wide array of students.

Vichael is passionate about teaching, He tries to keep his client teaching despite his busy schedule of instructor trainings.

Vichael also enthuses about learning. He finished his Master study in Osteopathy after another one in Sports Medicines. He also gets trained by gurus in fascial sciences such as Thomas Myers and Robert Schleip.

Vichael’s extensive experience makes his teaching unique and practical. Students from different backgrounds all find it easy to learn from his classes.

Demo equipment

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Product Regular Price (GBP) Event Price (GBP)
Jumpboard & The Cross-Bow Combo £555.00 £444.00
The Cross-Bow £230.00 £184.00
Jumpboard 24" · V2 Max/Rehab V2 Max £395.00 £316.00
Vinyasa Triangle 24" - V2 Max/Rehab V2 Max £325.00 £260.00
Rotational Disk - 12" pair £210.00 £168.00
Double Loop Straps - Pair £50.00 £40.00
Stability Barre - 6 ft (White) £570.00 £456.00
Stability Barre - 6 ft (Gray) £570.00 £456.00
Parallel Stability Barre - 6 ft (Gray) £1,550.00 £1,240.00
Mini Stability Barrel Lite £80.00 £64.00
Stability Barrel Lite £250.00 £200.00
Eco-Friendly Mat (black) £41.00 £32.80
Toning Ball - 2 lbs (Blue) £15.00 £12.00
Twist Ball, 6 lbs £60.00 £48.00
Mini Stability Ball - 7.5" (blue) £12.00 £9.60
Mini Stability Ball - 12" (orange) £12.00 £9.60
Soft Dumbbells, pair £25.00 £20.00
Foam Roller Soft Density £41.00 £32.80
Fascia ReleaZer® £200.00 £160.00
Rollga® Genesis Foam Roller £40.00 £32.00
Weighted Massage Roller 2-Pack £20.00 £16.00
Balance & Therapy Domes (2-pack) £20.00 £16.00
Peanut Massage Ball (2-pack) £20.00 £16.00
Massage Ball - Small (2-pack - Red) £14.00 £11.20
Resistance Loop - Regular Strength £15.00 £12.00
Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Extra Strength £12.00 £9.60
Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Light Strength £10.00 £8.00
Non-Latex Flex-Band® - Regular Strength £11.00 £8.80
Flex-Band® - Regular Strength £8.00 £6.40
Flex-Band® - Extra Strength £9.00 £7.20
Strength Tubing · Ankle (Regular Strength) £16.00 £12.80
Strength Tubing · Core (Regular Strength) £19.00 £15.20
Flex-Band® Loop - Regular Strength (10 in) £8.00 £6.40
Flex-Band® Loop - Extra Strength (10 in) £8.00 £6.40
Flex-Band® Loop - Regular Strength (12 in) £9.00 £7.20
Flex-Band® Loop - Extra Strength (12 in) £9.00 £7.20
Fitness Circle® Lite £34.00 £27.20
Stability Cushion - Large £50.00 £40.00
Foam Cushion B £33.00 £26.40
Foam Cushion C £40.00 £32.00

Show specials

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Meeting request

Merrithew® equipment and world-renowned programming is specifically for health and fitness club and studio professionals looking to expand group exercise programming options. Contact our knowledgeable team and learn how you can integrate the principles of mind-body exercise into your business.

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