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Training and conditioning

Sports Exercise Series - Soft Tissue Massage with the Inflatable Body Roller
Read how endurance racers recoup faster with self-massage of the soft tissue.
Sports Exercise Series - Hip Release with Massage Point Foam Roller
Discover how Tennis players use the Massage Point Foam Roller to release hip tension.
Sports Exercise - Balanced V-Sit with Fitness Circle® Toning Rings
Our sports series continues with a look at how Volleyball players up their game with this Fitness Circle® Toning Ring exercise that challenges unilateral and asymmetrical movement.
Sports Exercise Series - Scissors with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™
See how Martial Arts athletes build strength & challenge balance with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™ in today's Sports Exercise post.
Sports Exercise - Mountain Climber with the Halo Trainer®
Discover how Swimmers build endurance & stamina while strengthening arms & legs with the Halo Trainer®.
Sports Exercise – Muscle Warm-up with Flex Massage Stick
Our Sports Exercise series looks at how long-distance athletes effectively warm-up without depleting energy reserves.
Sports Exercise – Modified Airplane with Fitness Circle® Flex
In our Sport Exercise series we’re highlighting mind-body exercises catering to specific sports.
Spot the Difference – Mountain Climber on the Halo® Trainer
Learn how to properly perform the mountain climber exercise using the Halo Trainer.
Unilateral Row with Rotation using Tubing
Perfect your posture for the Unilateral Row with Rotation exercise.
Tricep Dips on the Halo® Trainer with Stability Ball™
In our latest Spot the Difference, tone your triceps using the Halo® Trainer with Stability Ball™
Training in Spain at Movin' People
Watch the highlights from Movin' People Madrid this past November!
Are You Using the Wrong Exercise Mat?
Depending on how often you practice with your mat, you’ll want to replace it fairly regularly to get the most out of it