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Training and conditioning

Switch up your clients' workout with fitness props
Learn how to incorporate the foam roller and other accessories at Merrithew’s canfitpro workshops
Exercise of the Month: STOTT PILATES® Modified Backhand with Rotation
This conditioning exercise isn’t just for improving your golf swing— it also improves functional mobility in the shoulders, hips and spine
How to use small weights to help clients build muscle tone
Help clients of all types pump up their Pilates practice with a range of small weights
Exercise of the Month: Jackknife with Halo® Trainer Plus
Test your body’s endurance and strength— and work up a sweat— with this challenging stability exercise
Mindful Movement Programming for Kids: 10 fun exercises to get kids moving
Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Elizebeth Ellison shares how she gets kids motivated to keep active, move mindfully and have fun with her top 10 kid-friendly exercises
Five ways agility training helps clients achieve results
Agility training exercises can help clients prevent injury, build balance, coordination and strength, gaining positive results faster
On Trend for 2019
ACSM has published their annual predictions for fitness trends in 2019
Ask the Expert: Heel Spurs
Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick band of connective tissue on the underside of the foot, and is often quite painful
Ask the Expert: A Base for CORE™
CORE is aimed at personal trainers and emphasizes awareness of how the body is moving through an exercise and perfect movement execution
Agile Body, Agile Mind: Building a Workout for Strength and Speed
Being agile is about more than just improving athletic performance
Halo® Training for Elite Athletes: Mountain Climbers with Crossover in Standard V Configuration
Change the position of the Halo® Trainer Plus for a more challenging Mountain Climber
CORE™ for Football Players: Stability Ball™ Posture Freeze Drill
Challenge the core with this drill that builds stability