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Reform your space: Match your Pilates studio style with Merrithew® Reformers

In the fiercely competitive wellness industry, your Pilates studio’s success hinges on its ability to authentically reflect its brand identity and stand out from the rest. Amidst a sea of options, clients are often drawn to Pilates studios that offer an immersive and engaging fitness experience.

This is where the art of studio design, particularly the strategic selection of equipment colors, comes into play. Colors have psychological effects that can influence mood, feelings and behaviors. By paying attention to the finer details of studio design, such as carefully choosing the right colors for equipment finishes, you can transform your studio into a space where clients are empowered to achieve their wellness goals and keep coming back.

To help you enhance your studio's design, we're offering free freight on orders over $5,000 for US and Canada locations this month. Additionally, for our friends in the UK, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Yukon and the Northwest Territories, we’re providing up to 10% off shipping fees on orders over $5,000. For more details, visit or call extension 250 to connect with a sales representative.

Harnessing the power of black

Reform your space

One color that demands your attention is black. Often associated with elegance and modernity, black can be a game-changer when it comes to elevating the ambiance of your space. Here are three reasons why incorporating black accents can enhance your studio:

  1. Timeless elegance: Black is a classic color that never goes out of style. Its timeless appeal exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, instantly elevating the overall aesthetic of your studio. It also adds a touch of exclusivity that resonates with discerning clients seeking a premium experience.
  2. Versatile and adaptable: One of the greatest advantages of the color black is its versatility. Black provides a canvas upon which you can layer different elements to create a visually captivating space. It provides an excellent backdrop for experimenting with colors and textures.
  3. Enhances focus and concentration: In the serene setting of a Pilates studio, black can have a calming effect that promotes focus and concentration during workouts. By minimizing visual distractions and creating a sense of intimacy, black fosters an environment where clients can fully immerse themselves.

If the color black is your vibe, complement your studio with Merrithew Reformers in Jet Black. Our Pilates Reformers are designed to withstand years of use and accommodate diverse client needs.

Shining bright: The allure of silver

Student stretching on V2 Max Reformer

Silver, with its radiant sheen and understated sophistication, lends a touch of glamor and modernity to any room. Here are three reasons why silver is a stellar choice for enhancing the ambiance of your studio:

  1. Reflects light and enhances brightness: Silver possesses reflective properties that allow it to bounce light around the room, creating a luminous and airy atmosphere. By incorporating silver into your studio, you can amplify natural and artificial light sources, making the space feel brighter and more spacious.
  2. Evokes a sense of serenity and tranquility: Silver is often associated with qualities such as purity, clarity and tranquility. It helps create a calming and harmonious environment conducive to relaxation, focus and mindfulness. Clients will appreciate the peaceful ambiance that silver brings to their Pilates practice.
  3. Adds a touch of glamour and luxury: Synonymous with opulence, silver instantly elevates any room, giving it a sense of glamour and refinement. Clients will be drawn to the upscale ambiance and premium experience that silver evokes, enhancing their overall perception of your studio.

If silver is your mood, then match your studio with our Silver Reformers. We’ve designed every detail of our Pilates Reformer so you can focus on enhancing your clients’ experience.

Student doing exercises on V2 Max Reformer

Color your space with vibrant vibes

Reformer in Red Truffle upholstery

As you design your Pilates studio, don't shy away from vibrant colors as they can inject joy and create a stimulating atmosphere. Here are three reasons why vibrant colors are an excellent choice for your studio:

  1. Stimulates creativity and motivation: Vibrant colors have the power to stimulate creativity, boost motivation and evoke positive emotions, as bright hues have a unique psychological impact on mood and mindset.
  2. Boosts energy and engagement: In a Pilates studio setting, where clients strive to achieve their fitness goals, vibrant colors can provide an extra burst of energy to help push through challenging workouts.
  3. Creates a sense of fun and playfulness: Pilates is not only about physical fitness but also about enjoying the journey. Vibrant colors inject a sense of playfulness into your space, creating an environment where clients can let loose, explore movement and embrace their inner child.

If you love vibrant colors, customize your Merrithew Reformer upholstery in the color of your choice. Our Pilates Reformer is customizable to suit the design of your studio.

Reformer in Eclipse upholstery color

By curating a visually captivating space with careful color selection and thoughtful design, you not only attract new customers but also cultivate enduring relationships with loyal clients, driving sustainable business growth. By harnessing the power of branding and authenticity, you can choose the right colors to enhance the mood, boost motivation and create an inviting atmosphere. So, embrace the power of design, unleash your creativity and transform your Pilates studio into a sanctuary where clients feel inspired, motivated and happy to return for more transformative Pilates experiences.

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