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Exercise of the Month: Sliding Mobility Disks™ for dynamic stabilization

As the Northern Hemisphere comes out of its winter slumber and springs into preparation for more outdoor activity during the warmer months of the year, it’s important to remember to do some foundational work before leaping into any new workout. That’s why this dynamic stabilization exercise using Merrithew’s Sliding Mobility Disks is such a timely workout for anyone getting ready to increase physical demands on their body, whether it’s merely walking outside more or participating in outdoor sports.

In the Exercise of the Month video above, Merrithew co-founder Moira Merrithew takes us through some sliding mobility disk exercises. They go beyond increasing flexibility and improving range of motion and focus on creating a better sense of stability in all movements by moving and challenging the musculature of the whole body.

This entire workout — and others that will get you ready for more outdoor activity — is available on Merrithew Connect. Join now and receive a 14-day free trial.

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