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Take your workout outdoors to boost the benefits of exercise

Exercising outdoors can take a regular indoor workout to new heights, enhancing the physical benefits of movement with the mental benefits of being surrounded by greenery.

Research shows that exercising in nature can have a number of positive health benefits, including improving one’s mood and self-esteem, reducing stress, and even motivating people to exercise harder without them even realizing it.

So if the weather in your area permits it, why not take your workout outdoors today?

For National Fitness Day on May 1, we’re celebrating the power of ‘green exercise’ with this athletic agility and strength training sequence using the portable Halo® Trainer Plus.

With its easy-click connectors, you can quickly disassemble the Halo® Trainer Plus, making it the perfect piece of equipment to grab and go; stash it in your trunk or in your backpack for your next outing to the park.

In this video, Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer Carol Earle demonstrates Halo® Training exercises to get your heart pumping, and shares some tips on how to modify the exercises to increase or decrease the challenge based on your needs and fitness level.

If you want to add another layer of excitement to your workout, incorporate the Stability Ball into your routine to add more variety.

What’s your favorite workout to do outdoors? Tell us @Merrithew.

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