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STOTT PILATES® Reformer exercises to prevent the risk of patellofemoral pain syndrome, or ‘runner’s knee’

Running has always been one of the most popular, convenient and accessible forms of exercise.

During the pandemic, it has become especially appropriate— it provides a much-needed boost of endorphins, fresh air and distance from others, and a change of scenery.

With more people picking up this sport for the first time, Pilates instructors will likely start seeing more recreational runners who want to condition their bodies, prevent injuries or rehabilitate from them.

We spoke to Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer Kristi Quinn about one common overuse injury that can afflict runners called patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as ‘runner’s knee.’

This syndrome creates pain in the anterior part of the knee and in and around the patella (kneecap) that’s often exacerbated by running, walking, stairs, squatting or sitting with bent knees for long periods.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome can be caused by overuse, muscle imbalances or weaknesses, injury or surgery.

In this video, Kristi talks about some STOTT PILATES® exercises that you can do with your clients on the Reformer to help them build strength in and around the knee, hip and ankle joints to potentially prevent clients from experiencing this pain, or to set clients with patellofemoral pain syndrome on the right track.

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