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We asked Pilates instructors around the world what they love most about Merrithew® Reformers

What Pilates instructors love about Merrithew Reformers

Regina De Los Reyes
STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and Pre and Postnatal Specialist
Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio
Manila, Philippines

1. What kind of Reformer do you use?

I use the Merrithew® V2 Max Reformer, V2 Max Rehab Reformer and SPX® Max Reformer at the Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio in Manila.

2. Why do you think the Reformer is so effective for you and your clients?

The Merrithew Reformer is so durable and has good ergonomic design. It definitely has to be a Merrithew Reformer; no other brand can compare to the quality design and construction of the Merrithew Reformer.

I can easily adjust the Merrithew Reformer to accommodate my clients of varying heights, from teenagers to much taller elite athletes who are 7-feet tall!

The Merrithew V2 Max Reformer allows for many modifications of exercises, especially for clients with special needs, such as pre and post-natal clients and senior citizens. It is always fun to use the Reformer because there are infinite ways to be creative to engage and retain clients. I’m thrilled whenever clients discover they are progressing on the Reformer, and they appreciate seeing how far they’ve come after only a few months and even years of using the Reformer.

Be sure to always follow the STOTT PILATES Principles and safety protocols for all programs, whether the program is for beginners, advanced clients, elite athletes, pre and post-natal clients, senior citizens or post-rehab clients.

3. What is the greatest thing you’ve gained from practicing Reformer Pilates?

Regina De Los Reyes on V2 Max Reformer

I have gained strength, flexibility and a lot of fulfillment from practicing Reformer Pilates because it challenges me physically and mentally each time I use it. My practice reminds me to never give up on myself and my goals.

In terms of business, Reformer Pilates has been one of the best ways to engage and retain clients, especially when the client needs more assistance or more resistance for their specific fitness or athletic goals. Clients also develop a better sense of body awareness with proprioception. I take time to assess my clients and design their programs for their benefit.

4. What’s been your experience in lockdown where you are?

When the lockdown was implemented, the studio had to close. Since then, for three months now, my clients have been badly missing the Reformer and the Pilates studio as a whole. They keep on telling me that watching a video online is not the same as attending a live Pilates session with a dedicated instructor.

Lilia Cazaes
STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor
Atlanta, Georgia

Lilia Cazaes stretching on Reformer with Reformer Box

1. What do you love about Merrithew Reformers?

Merrithew Reformers are functional and easily facilitate the transition between exercises. They’re also adjustable to every body and shape. As an instructor, we’re working with different clients of all heights and sizes all day, and it’s important for them and for us that the machine be easy to use and adjustable to help them execute the exercises safely and effectively for their body.

2. How have you been keeping active in lockdown?

I didn’t have access to a Reformer in lockdown, but I did do a lot of STOTT PILATES Matwork workouts and I was also teaching via Zoom. Two weeks ago I finally got to go on a Reformer again. It felt so good and I’d missed it, but I was a bit sore the next day!

3. What is the greatest thing you’ve gained from practicing Reformer Pilates?

It’s improved my posture. Since I have scoliosis, some Reformer exercises help me strengthen parts of my body that are weak and improve my spinal articulation. Reformer Pilates makes me feel stronger and relieves pain in the regions affected by scoliosis.

Rebecca McLean
STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, Injuries and Special Populations and Pre and Postnatal Specialist
Surrey, U.K.

Rebecca McLean using Reformer Box with V2 Max Plus Reformer

1. What kind of Reformer do you use?

I use the Merrithew V2 Max Plus Reformer, which comes with the Vertical Frame.

2. What do you love most about this Reformer?

I have had this Reformer for the last four years and the thing I love most about is it’s high quality. Initially I purchased it for personal use and then I started teaching clients from my home studio. I love that it is adaptable to so many different body types and sizes, from my 6-foot-2 husband to my 5-foot-4 petite female clients and even for my four and six-year-old children! The fact that you can use one Reformer for so many different people and accommodate athletes, rehab clients and children (to name a few) is amazing!

3. How has your Reformer served you in lockdown?

I was lucky enough to have my Reformer in the early lockdown days and I could not have been happier. I feel so grateful that I had access to it during this time. The V2 Max Reformer is just so wonderfully versatile that I was able to continue with my strength work but also add in some cardio on the Reformer. My husband and children were also able to use the equipment, which was great.

4. What is the greatest thing you’ve gained from practicing Reformer Pilates?

Bec McLean standing on V2 Max Plus Reformer

For me, practicing Reformer Pilates has provided me with a level of strength that I’ve never experienced before in my life, despite years of hitting the gym, strength training and practicing other sports at high levels. It has not only made me stronger, but provided me with leaner and more lengthened muscles without bulk. I love it and think it complements so many different sports and lifestyles and know I will continue to practice for the rest of my life.

Crystal Myers
Meaningful Movement Physical Therapy & Wellness
Charlotte, North Carolina

Crystal Myers seated on Reformer
Crystal laying back with Fitness Circle on Reformer

1. What kind of Reformer do you usually use?

The outpatient clinic where I work just purchased the Rehab V2 Max Reformer and earlier this year I took the STOTT PILATES Rehab Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization: Reformer RR1 course. I wanted to tap into the potential of what the Reformer could offer my patients and me personally. I started looking into purchasing a Reformer for my home and I came across a second-hand V2 Max Plus Reformer Bundle. I gave it a tune-up with new springs, clips, etc. Little did I know that it would get so much action once lockdown hit!

2. Why do you think the Reformer is so effective for rehab patients?

I love the diversity of resistive and assistive exercises you can perform on the Reformer and how you can easily add variety and challenge with props. The ability to have clients set up in different positions (supine, prone, side-lying, kneeling, sitting, etc.) and the ability to decrease force loading through the spring mechanism. This allows patients with pain and weakness to perform exercises they otherwise would not be able to perform on traditional gym equipment. I have used the Reformer with all of my clients, including those with neurological disabilities who require adaptive bracing. It gives them a sense of empowerment to be able to successfully use this piece of equipment.

3. How has your Reformer served you in lockdown?

In my home-based studio clinic, I have practiced the new skills I learned in RR1 and I have built upon that base with virtual learning platforms. Continuing to learn new techniques has given me a healthy goal and sense of purpose during lockdown, and will help me move towards best practice with Reformer Pilates intervention in patient care.

4. What is the greatest thing you’ve gained from practicing Reformer Pilates?

The ability to add another powerful tool to my practice of physical therapy that can promote healing and wellness for my patients.

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