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How the Merrithew® team has been keeping fit at home

From handstands to dog walks, at-home Pilates workouts on Merrithew Connect and Latin dance sessions, the Merrithew team has been keeping fit and active in very creative ways while working from home thanks to a 30-Day Fitness Challenge spearheaded by the Merrithew Studio.

The goal of the challenge was to motivate and inspire staff to keep fit while physical distancing and it proved to be exactly what we all needed.

Split into teams of four, we logged every 30-minute mindful movement workout we did by posting a photo or video on a private Facebook group. The team with the most workouts by the end of the month was declared the winner… Congratulations Team Quentin Quarantino!

Not only did it encourage some to pick up running after long hiatuses or to do multiple workouts in a day, but it also gave us the opportunity to learn a little bit more about our colleagues in the process.

We asked a few of them to share how the challenge inspired them to keep moving at home.

Cesar Marinho, Sales Manager, LATAM & EMEA

“It certainly was a strong motivating factor! When I was feeling tired or not in the mood to exercise and I was considering leaving it to the next day, I felt obligated to do something just so I could contribute to my team’s score. All the people who participated were so dedicated, so I needed to keep up with them. During this strange and challenging time, it encouraged me to keep working out and helped me avoid some extra pounds!”

“Besides the motivation, it also allowed me to get to know my co-workers in a different context, which I found really interesting, and it made me feel closer to them. I believe they also got to know me a little better now too. This was a great benefit of this fitness challenge.”

Cora Timofte, Manager, Studio & Corporate Training Center

“Since Day 1 of the quarantine, I’ve been very disciplined about keeping up with my workout routine. However, the challenge added a new layer to my daily motivation as a little healthy competition always gives us an energy boost! Also, being part of a team and having that accountability kept me on my toes in terms of showing up for my teammates and making sure I didn’t slack off – even when I was snacking and Netflix-ing more than usual!

“What I enjoyed most about the challenge was the human interaction, even in a virtual setting – getting to see what my colleagues were up to helped create a sense of community and togetherness even during this period of separation. I think the challenge was a real morale pick-me-up.”

Besiana Marko, Administrative Assistant, Education Services

“This time in quarantine has definitely given me more time to focus on myself and staying fit. However, the pessimism of the situation requires a lot of self-discipline and positivity to be able to keep up. It was great to engage with my co-workers and stay motivated with them through the challenge.

“I really enjoyed seeing all of their videos, photos and workouts. It was a nice way to stay in touch, to share moments from our day, and to give feedback and encouragement to each other. It made me want to be involved and to contribute, and it gave me a sense of inclusivity and belonging.”

Interested in starting your own fitness challenge with colleagues, friends or family? Here’s how:

1. Set the rules: Create the rules of the challenge so everyone knows what’s expected and how to participate. Keep the game accessible so everyone— no matter their fitness level or experience— can join in.

2. Encourage engagement: To keep our Facebook feed lively and upbeat, and to keep everyone motivated to keep pushing it, we requested that participants post their photos on the day they completed their workout. Get participants to tag their teammates or hashtag their team name to generate some friendly competition.

3. Get creative: Let participants get creative and show their personalities through their fitness choices. What form of fitness do they like best? How are they improvising at home? (We’ve seen bags of books being used for weightlifting exercises.) Get them to share their workouts and trade fitness goals so that the feed becomes a source of useful information.

4. Celebrate each other: Are you impressed by how many push-ups your colleague can do, how fast or far they can run or bike, or how dedicated they are to their Pilates practice? You’ll probably learn something new about your colleagues in the process. Comment, like, and celebrate your team!

5. Set a goal/prize: A little carrot at the end helps motivate people, so set the end date and a goal in sight. Is it a free lunch, a prop or free classes/workouts?

Join us for your next workout on Merrithew Connect! Get started >

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