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California Pilates studio raises more than $3,000 for breast cancer research

Wicked Pilates California

Mind-body wellbeing is about creating equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit, something we talk about often in the studio. For some people, like Christina Bouni-Bonorris, owner of Wicked Pilates and Fitness, a Merrithew® Host Training Center in Norco, California, this form of mindfulness extends well beyond fitness.

Christina believes that it’s not just about creating a loving, caring and compassionate atmosphere inside the studio that matters, but about sharing that spirit with the local community.

That’s why the practice of giving back has been part of the studio’s mandate since it opened in 2012.

“I really believe that if we work together we can create change. I feel it is my responsibility because I have a business and when you run a business, you have the opportunity to be louder and be heard. Every business should use that privilege to support a good cause, it just makes sense,” Christina says.

So in late October, Christina held the 7th annual Dance for a Cure in Pink charity fundraiser event, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She hosted two one-hour fitness classes, had raffle prizes and a silent auction with gift baskets donated by partner companies, including a selection of fitness accessories from Merrithew. In total, 65 people attended and together they raised $3,045.

Charity fitness event at Wicked Pilates

“It’s an uplifting but emotional event because we have a lot of breast cancer survivors in the studio and community. Some locals come out to this event even though they’re not regular members because they want to support our fundraising initiative. …I like to honour those who’ve been affected by breast cancer and sometimes that gets the tears going.”

While the event takes a lot of effort to put together, Christina says it’s worth it to see how it unifies the community.

Wicked Pilates members at fundraiser

“It makes me really proud of what we can achieve when we are all working towards one goal,” she says. “Having a Pilates and fitness studio and being supportive towards one another in class and out in the community go hand-in-hand.”

“I’m very grateful to my members, my instructors and my husband for their support.”

Charity raffle prizes on display at Wicked Pilates 
Participants enjoying treats at charity event 

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