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Exercise of the Month: Halo® Training Spiderman Plank

If you are familiar with the mountain climber move, the Spiderman is similar, but on the coronal plane. Elevating the plank on the Halo® Trainer Plus will add further challenge to the lower body, working your client’s strength, stamina and ipsilateral obliques. This exercise also offers an alternative to the standard mountain climber so those who are a bit tight through the front of the hips can still get the benefits from this power move.

For November’s Exercise of the Month video, Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer Bianca Bolissian explains how this Halo® Training exercise can be progressed from an incline plank, to a Spiderman, to a Spiderman with crouch. She really puts student Jun Hye Doh through the paces… Thanks Jun!


  • Keep the knuckles pointing down towards the floor to limit wrist extension
  • Start in an athletic stance, with the feet separated shoulder distance apart or wider for more stability
  • Encourage a slight protraction through the scapulae, activating the serratus anterior
  • Maintain a neutral spine
  • Maintain a long line from head to heels. If the hips drop, activate the abdominals; if the hips start to pike, activate the glutes
  • Speed up the Spiderman to increase the cardio challenge

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