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Five ways agility training helps clients achieve results

Agility training with cones

Agility training drills include short bursts of movement with different foot patterns to help you master starting, stopping and changing direction with proper control and good posture.

Whether you're looking to improve athletic performance or just want to move better day to day, agility training builds strength, speed, balance and flexibility.

Here are five reasons why you should work agility training drills, such as stepping quickly through an Agility Ladder or navigating around an obstacle course of Agility Cones, into your programming to help clients prevent injury and become more reactive.

1. You build balance and coordination
Agility training teaches your body to stay balanced as you move, keeping movements fluid for smoother, more coordinated transitions.

2. You're less likely to get injured
Because agility training increases balance, control and flexibility, your body learns to maintain proper posture and alignment during movement. When you understand correct body placement, you can better prevent falls and protect sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back and knees when you're moving quickly.

3. You gain a stronger mind-body connection
Agility training doesn't just exercise your body, it keeps your brain active as well because you have to pay attention to what your body is doing, and to what's coming next. When you're learning a new movement pattern, you really have to think about it until it becomes more natural— it develops a stronger relationship between your mind and your body.

4. You get better results in less time
Bursts of movement build musculoskeletal strength and drills like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can produce noticeable results quickly. Non-linear movements, such as side-stepping on an Agility Ladder or doing a slalom around Agility Disks, engages more muscles than just running in a straight line. And more muscles mean more results.

5. You recover faster
When your musculoskeletal system is strong, you don't stay sore or tired for as long after an intense workout — less pain, more gain!

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Agility Ladder
Improve stride, lateral speed and fast turns with drills moving forward, backward or sideways, adjusting complexity as needed.

Agility Cones
Create training courses for drills that drive explosive leg power, agile direction changes and fast footwork for better speed, agility and reaction time.

Agility Disks
Use for shuttle runs, training drills or course markers for running, jumping, squatting or lunging.

Agility Hoops
Create challenging drills to test acceleration, balance, speed and reaction time.

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