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Exercise of the Month: Pelvic Rotation with Hip Abduction

Increase your strength, flexibility, stamina, and dynamic stability with the Pelvic Rotation with Hip Abduction exercise, movement from the Total Barre® Endurance with Props workshop. Lead Instructor Trainer Leslie Wall breaks it down for a better understanding of the exercise.

Abdominals are working to prevent hyperextension of the lumbar. The hip abductors (glute medius, glute minimus, TFL) on the bottom leg need to stay engaged to prevent it from medially rotating or coming into the midline. The abductors and lateral rotators on both sides are needed to create the abduction of the hip and rotation of the pelvis.

The essence of this exercise is hip stability and mobility, awareness of pelvis, and stability of supporting knee.


  • Hold a neutral pelvis and spine
  • Hold shoulders square to barre
  • Keep the standing leg in a stable position
  • Refrain from pulling the gesture leg back. Instead, focus on your gluteus to abduct while allowing pelvis to rotate

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