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Ask the Expert: What are my options for post-certification professional development?

post-certification professional development

Merrithew Master Instructor Trainer and Senior Program Director of Education, Stefania Michas, offers a simplified approach to STOTT PILATES® post-certification development.

You’ve just become a Certified Instructor and that is an exciting achievement. Now you can look forward to expanding your career options even further with a choice of over 150 workshops for continuing education. From advanced programs to Specialty Tracks and other certifications, there are a number of ways to support your professional development in Mindful Movement. In addition, if you’re just beginning to explore health and fitness as a trainer, all workshops, courses and events are open to anyone*, regardless if you're certified in STOTT PILATES.

Additional Certification

Additional certifications and qualifications

If you’ve completed your certification in only one component of the STOTT PILATES training, you can add to your certification with courses such as the Intensive or Comprehensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels (CCCB), or expand your knowledge even further with Advanced Level 2 programs that can be taken immediately after the corresponding Level 1 course. Cadillac, Chair and Barrels programming will augment your programming options, making you more marketable and bring you one step closer to becoming Fully Certified. The Advanced Programs will build on your understanding of the STOTT PILATES biomechanical principles to exercises that require a higher degree of strength, balance and coordination with a thorough blend of theory, observation and practice. Choices include: Advanced Matwork, Advanced Reformer, Advanced Cadillac, Advanced Chair and Advanced Barrels. Finally, give yourself the tools to work specifically with clients who are injured or have other physical concerns by adding the Injuries and Special Populations course, the last piece in the puzzle for Full Certification.

In addition, you can earn qualifications with our other branded programs upon completion of their foundation courses. Consider adding some flow to your practice with ZEN•GA® on the mat or equipment, or learn how to add intensity to workouts with CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training. You can always incorporate some fun music matched with dance-inspired movements with Total Barre®, promote functional strength and stability in your clients with Halo® Training, or learn about the important role fascia has on movement in the Merrithew® Fascial Movement Foundation Course.

Specialty Tracks

Specialty Track designation

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, Specialty Tracks may be just the ticket. By focusing on a particular group or type of training, you can learn how to develop specialty programming for your clients and discover the specific needs and modifications for unique groups.

For example, you can support actively aging clients on improving their mobility with STOTT PILATES Active for Life programming that offers workshops such as Armchair Pilates, Ultimate Back Care and new Post-rehab courses such as Bone Health & Osteoporosis: The Foundation. Or, assist athletes in building their strength, power and agility with STOTT PILATES Athletic Conditioning workshops such as Athletic Conditioning on the Arc Barrel, Jumpboard Strength & Conditioning, Interval Training on the Jumpboard or Cardio-Tramp® and many others.

Other STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks include: Dance, Golf Conditioning, Group Equipment, Group Matwork, Interdisciplinary, Pre- and Post-natal and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning.



If you want to build on existing programming after completing a foundation course, there is a huge variety of workshops that give you the opportunity to try out new programming in other modalities. Plus, workshops range from two to four hours, and can be put together in a full weekend of training. Most workshops can be found at our Training Centers worldwide so you can easily obtain Continuing Education Credits with workshops for: ZEN•GA, CORE, Total Barre, Halo Training and Fascial Movement.

Certificate Courses

If you’d like to receive a little more in-depth information and programming specifically for working with Special Populations, Merrithew will be releasing a series of 6-hour Certificate Courses. Titles include: Understanding Scoliosis, Osteoporosis and Bone Health, as well as programs dealing with Pre-and Post Natal Clients, Back Care and others.

Events and Symposiums

Events and Symposia

One of the best ways to network and connect with other members of the international Mindful Movement community (as well as earn some CECs) is to attend one of our events or symposia, where you’ll have access to a multitude of courses, programs and workshops. These events will often showcase the latest additions to Merrithew’s education programming, and you can choose from a host of programs and workshops that are led by talented high-level Instructor Trainers who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

To learn even more about your options for continuing education, click here. In addition, our Education team is always happy to help you with a continuing education plan that aligns with your career and business goals. You can consult with an Education Advisor at, or call 1-800-910-0001, ext 300.

*Advanced programs and Specialty Tracks require a pre-requisite of STOTT PILATES certification.

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