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Exercise of the Month: Bicycle on the Spine Corrector

Stabilize the lumbo-pelvic region against the long-lever movement of the legs, and lengthen both the one and two-joint hip flexors with this exercise on the Spine Corrector. It’s a great exercise to add into any STOTT PILATES® Matwork program to challenge coordination of the bicycle movement with breath and keep the obliques engaged to maintain the imprinted position throughout.

  • Maintain weight on upper thoracic spine, not on cervical spine
  • Do not allow the weight of the legs to pull the pelvis into an anterior tilt and extend the lumbar spine
  • Maintain scapular stability to avoid tension in the next and shoulders
  • Keep hip as extended as possible as knee flexes in forward direction; keep knee flexed and extend hip as far as possible in reverse direction

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