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Right in the Knees: Exercises to Build Strength and Stability

person standing on their Knees

What do the football players in the World Cup 2018 and the cyclists in the Tour de France 2018 have in common? Incredible amounts of stress and pressure on the hips, legs and knees. Building strength and balance in the lower body is key to overall physical function, whether your clients are pro athletes or active aging.

Check out the list below for some inspiration for exercises that can help strengthen and stabilize the legs and knees for your clients.


These exercises use various Merrithew Reformers and Reformer accessories to build up the lower legs.

Side-lying Jump Series on the Cardio Tramp
Build explosive power in the legs while encouraging dynamic stabilization of the hip.

Footwork for Strength Training on the V2 Max Reformer
Maintaining strength in the legs and glutes is key in maintaining stability and mobility.

Windshield Wipers on Rotational Diskboard
Work on the joint mobility in the legs that is crucial to optimum physical function.

Bike Training: One Leg Kick
Build explosive power on the bike with this simple exercise.

Glute Activation: Footpress on Long Box
Activate the glutes and build stabilization through the knees with this exercise.

Kick Backs: One Leg Jump
Gain strength and endurance with this exercise that gets your heart pumping.

Knee Stretch Prep
Build strength and power in the legs with this exercise on the At Home SPX® Reformer.

Bend & Stretch: Stag/Parallel
Challenge coordination while strengthening the legs and core.

Small Jumps: Knees Bent, Knees Straight
It’s the little things that count. Build strength in the legs with small jumps.


The Halo Trainer Plus and Halo Trainer Plus 4 are excellent tools for building strength, especially in the lower body, while the Stability Chair, Stability Barrel, Stability Barre and BOSU® PRO Balance Trainer offer options for different kinds of challenge.

Loaded Bend and Stretch
Use the Halo® Trainer to load up this bend and stretch for extra challenge.

Total Barre®: Post-rehab Knee
Help clients rebuild strength and flexibility in the knee, post-rehab.

Squat on the BOSU® PRO Balance Trainer
Work on better balance, stabilizing the ankles and building up the glutes and quads.

Glute Activation: Forward Step Up
Step up and get the glutes engaged with this exercise.

STOTT PILATES® Rehab: Knee Injuries: Footpress on Stability Ball
Build strength while protecting the knee joint with this exercise.

STOTT PILATES® Knee Injuries: Squats on Stability Barrel
Work safely with post-rehab knee injuries with this exercise.


Get on the Mat and work the lower body with these exercises.

Posterior Oblique Squat Variations with Resistance Loop
Gain strength in the lower body with this exercise.

Mid-back Series: Flexion, Single Leg Stretch
Focus on the legs with this challenging workout.

STOTT PILATES® Rehab: Knee Injuries: Leg Slides
Learn how to help clients with post-rehab knee injuries with this exercise.

Bike Training: Shoulder Bridge
Activate your glutes and get ready to ride with this exercise that builds core and leg strength.

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