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Ask the Expert: Different Levels in Halo® Training Group Classes

Different Levels in Halo® Training Group Classes

Q: How can I accommodate clients of different levels in a Halo® Training group class?

A: The Halo Training program was designed with three levels of difficulty to accommodate clients with varying degrees of fitness – from entry-level athlete to experienced, high-level athlete. As a result of this programming, exercises can be included in a class environment to allow for progressions for those wanting an extra challenge, or regressions for those needing a little more functional strength or endurance.

Halo Training group classes are generally performed as high-intensity interval training, and as such, can allow the participants to perform the same exercise multiple times. During the first interval, the exercise can be performed from the Level 1 repertoire but progressed to a Level 2 or 3 in the following intervals. It should be noted that though increasing the challenge of an exercise workout is quite often the goal, it might not always be appropriate. It is the responsibility of the Instructor to recognize when to progress the workout and when it should remain the same or perhaps made easier.

Another way to ensure that all class participants are challenged without having to progress the exercise is to perform the intervals based on time. Exercises can be performed to a set time limit with performance being measured in two ways: how long they can sustain the exercise, or how many repetitions they can perform in the given time frame. In the following interval, the participant will attempt to beat their previous “best time.”

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