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Ask the Expert: Finding the Breath

Ask the Expert: Finding the Breath

Q: How can ZEN•GA® help clients breathe more efficiently?

A: ZEN•GA offers many different ways to help clients fully realize the breath and breathe more efficiently.

The ZEN•GA course shows students how to recognize breathing patterns in themselves and others, and explains how posture affects the quality of the breath. Identifying the primary and secondary breathing muscles helps in understanding which muscles should be doing 80% of the work, and how overworking the secondary breathing muscles can create tension in unwanted areas. Additionally, learning the importance of posture and aligning our 3 main diaphragms vertically in the torso helps the flow of breath in both static and dynamic postures.

Most people are unaware of the impact of poor breathing habits. For example, there is a strong connection or correlation between poor breathing habits and incontinence and low back pain. The ZEN·GA course gives a thorough overview of the breath, bringing a new appreciation for proper breathing. The course also provides useful exercise options to promote more movement in areas of the thorax that are restricted and hopefully less movement in unwanted places. 

We use the Mini Stability Ball as a focal point against the ribcage and this directs the ribs to move. We can place the ball on the side of the ribcage, the chest or the back of the ribcage directing the breath into the ball.

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