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Ask the Expert: The Femoral Head

Ask the Expert: The Femoral Head

Q: I am a retired dancer, and am experiencing long-term hip problems due to improper placement of the femoral head that include tears in the gluteus minimus and medius, as well as arthritis beginning in the hip. Could you suggest some exercises to reset the femoral head?


As with all injuries, it’s important to seek appropriate assessment and treatment from a qualified rehab professional. Medical approval is always required before undertaking an exercise program.

Typical goals of programming will be to have segmental control of the hip and regional control of the lumbo-pelvic region. This can be achieved by targeting the local and global stabilizers of the lumbo-pelvic and hip regions.

The following exercises may be helpful in working with a femoral head that is out of alignment:

Local Control

  • Toe Taps with Foot on Mini Stability Ball and Flex-Band®
  • Bent Knee Fall Out Prep with Flex-Band® and Foot on Mini Stability Ball Hip in Flexion with Small Range
  • One Leg Circle with Mini Stability Ball and Flex-Band®
  • Single Leg Extension Over Arc Barrel
  • Knee Stretches Straight Back (Inner and Mid-range Slow Pulses with Low Springs)
  • Quadruped Position (120 Rock Back)

Regional/Global Stabilizer Control

  • Sleeper Bilateral and Reciprocal Weight Transfer
  • Second Position, Parallel, Lateral, Medial
  • Foot Press on Long Box
  • Cross Over Press
  • Squats (Cadillac)

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