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Third Party Accreditation: What you need to know

Third Party Fitness Accreditation: What you need to know

Why is third-party accreditation important?

Recognition from third-party industry bodies is an important way of establishing a trustworthy brand and solidifying a position in an industry. When workshops, trainings and other continuing education programs are accredited, it means that they have been vetted for quality against a list of pre-existing requirements established by the accrediting organization. This accreditation is made public and is published by the relevant bodies, ensuring that the information is available to anyone who would like to find it, from potential clients to future employers. Third party accreditation elevates status, ensures adherence to standards, and in some countries such as the UK, is necessary for hiring processes.

What do CECs mean for a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor or Merrithew student?

Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are more than just a box to tick to keep your Certification up to date. CECs upgrade your skill set, expose you to new programming and the latest research and increase your qualifications, all things that translate into expanded programming offerings, increased marketability and access to a broader range of markets—meaning more clients, a fuller schedule and a better bottom line.

How many CECs do I need to maintain Merrithew Certification?

Merrithew requires Certified Instructors to obtain 0.6 CECs (6 hours) annually to maintain Certification. For each hour of study, 0.1 CEC is credited. CECs earned from a Foundation Course or Certification program will range from 0.7 to 5.0 (7–50 hours), while workshops will range from 0.2 to 1.6 (2–16 hours).

How many CECs do I need to maintain qualification with other organizations?

The number of CECs necessary for maintaining qualifications with other organizations depends on the organization. Each will set its own standards and guidelines for maintaining qualifications. ACE, for example, requires 20 hours every two years to remain current.

Merrithew® third-party accreditation

Merrithew branded programs, including STOTT PILATES Certification Program, ZEN•GA®, CORE Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training, Halo® Training and Total Barre® are recognized by a host of high-level industry bodies from around the world, including:

You can find out which Merrithew courses or workshops are recognized by accrediting bodies by clicking on the workshop or course description on, or by searching on the accrediting body’s website.

What if the course or workshop I want to take isn’t registered with a third party?

If the course or workshop you’d like to take with Merrithew isn’t listed with the accrediting body that you need, you can petition to have that CEC added to the accrediting body’s roster. You can start the petition process here.

What if the accrediting body I’m a member of isn’t listed?

If the accrediting body isn’t listed, you can reach out to Merrithew directly or get in touch with the accrediting body to find out the process for having training providers approved.

For any questions regarding third party accreditation, contact an Education Advisor at, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

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