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New Workshops at 2017 New York Symposium

New Workshops at 2017 New York Symposium

Merrithew® is set to introduce a number of new workshops at the upcoming Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York City, May 5–7.

In addition to the new workshops, there will also be a number of new-to-New-York workshops in the mix.

Taught by Merrithew Master Instructor Trainers PJ O’Clair, Kim Kraushar and Merrithew co-founder and Executive Director of Education Moira Merrithew, these workshops will deepen your knowledge and expand your client offerings. Take a look below to for more info on what’s new in New York this year.

New Courses and Workshops:

  • STOTT PILATES® Advanced Matwork: From Then to Now
    Join Merrithew on a journey from the classical roots of the original Pilates method pioneered by Joseph H. Pilates through the implementation of the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles and foundations of anatomy and biomechanics, and how the exercise order, focus and performance has advanced and continues to develop as we learn more about optimal movement.
  • Halo® Training Instructor Foundation Course, Part 1
    This seven-hour course lays the educational groundwork for group fitness instructors, personal trainers and mind-body professionals to build safe, effective and varied core-integrated bodyweight training programs using the unique design of the Halo® Trainer Plus, Stability Ball and additional small props.
  • Merrithew® Fascial Movement Instructor Foundation Course
    Designed for fitness, medical and therapy professionals, the Merrithew Fascial Movement Instructor Foundation Course explores the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system and emphasizes the proprietary Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables (FMVs). This course will give you a thorough understanding of what fascia is, what it does, how it moves and how to work with it across a range of varying modalities. (Note: this course is sold out in New York. View other upcoming offerings.)
  • STOTT PILATES® Mini Foam Roller Flow
    Learn flowing exercise sequences using a softer and shorter Foam Roller that will aid in hydrating and mobilizing fascia while increasing joint range of motion and mental focus. Transitions between movements require strength and stability as well as coordination and concentration, fostering a sense of heightened awareness and self-perception.

New to New York:

  • STOTT PILATES® Flex-Band® and Fitness Circle®
    In this hands-on workshop, learn how to add support, variety and challenge to existing STOTT PILATES Matwork routines using the Fitness Circle resistance ring and Flex-Band® Exerciser. Learn how to use these simple tools to add dynamic resistance, increase torso stability, and tone arms and legs, with emphasis on the goals of the exercises, movement patterns, breath patterns and correct alignment.
  • STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning with Fitness Circle®
    Learn unique sequences and interesting combinations which are further augmented with the sprung-steel ring. Focusing on stabilization of the shoulders, hips and core, these moves can be added into any personal training or group fitness setting to bring increased intensity and muscle-specific training.
  • CORE Dryland Performance Training for Swimmers
    Use CORE Foundational Principles to strengthen the core in order to connect the upper and lower body for improved efficiency in the water. This programming is beneficial to swimmers across a range of ages and abilities, those with injuries or degenerative conditions, pregnant women and beginner to serious athletes.
  • STOTT PILATES® Precision & Control with Fitness Circle®
    Bring the Fitness Circle into a series of less traditional Matwork exercises, adding challenge to the peripheral limbs, activating the core and helping achieve increased functionality and improved performance. The Fitness Circle also reinforces correct muscle firing patterns and helps ensure correct positioning while adding an element of fun and variety.
  • CORE Distance Running Workshop, Level 1
    Applying the CORE Foundational Principles, this workshop emphasizes the importance of proper biomechanics to progress athletes appropriately to achieve their goals quickly and effectively. Guiding a distance runner through movement training will improve performance by increasing movement efficiency, adding hip and pelvic stability throughout the running motion and providing a foundation of core stability and strength from which power and endurance can be developed.

Interested in attending? Spaces are limited! Sign up for the Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium in New York or see the full programming schedule.

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