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How to Refresh Your Certification

How to Refresh Your Certification

Maybe you took a break from teaching Pilates to pursue another fitness modality.

Maybe you started a family. Maybe you moved across country, changed jobs, or went back to school. Whatever the reason, it’s been quite some time since you’ve taught a class, nevermind attending the necessary training to keep up with your CEC requirements.

But now things have changed—you want to get back into teaching. You want to refresh your Certification. But how?

Audit courses

If you feel like your memory could use some jogging, auditing courses is a great refresher. Merrithew allows students to audit courses free of charge if they have already taken them. But because Merrithew updates programming to keep current with the latest in scientific research, there are some exceptions to those able to audit courses. If you have taken ISP prior to 2007, or RMR1, RMR2, RCCB1 and RCCB2 prior to 2012, you’ll need to retake the classes, as they have changed significantly. Contact your chosen training facility directly for more information on re-taking or auditing courses.

Observe classes

A great way to get back in the game is to resume your own workouts by taking group classes or private sessions. Some studios will allow you to observe group classes, so get in touch with your local training center if you’d like to sit in.

Catch up on CECs

If you’ve neglected maintaining your yearly CEC requirements, never fear. You can make them up. If you’ve missed three or more years’ worth of CECs, you’ll need to complete 1.8 CECs (18 hours of STOTT PILATES® training) to get current. You can take courses to further your education, multiple workshops or attend a Merrithew Symposium to get all of them done in one weekend. Contact your local education provider to find out what courses or workshops are coming up in the near future, or use our revamped online training finder to find the right CECs for you. Once you are up to date, you will be listed as a current STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor in our Instructor Finder database.

Find a job

Once you’ve caught up on your education and you feel confident re-entering the world of teaching, use the Instructor Job Board to help you find the opportunities to put your refreshed knowledge to work.