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Mindfulness and Sports Performance: PJ O’Clair at CONNECT 2017

Mindfulness and Sports Performance: CONNECT 2017

Both recreational and high-performance athletes often describe being in the “zone” — a calm state of mind that fosters intense concentration on the present moment and the motion happening within it.

Another word for it is mindfulness, and sports psychologists have long known that mindfulness practices can help sharpen athletic performance by constructively dealing with anxiety and negative thoughts and emotions, and increasing pain tolerance, attention spans, inflammatory markers and self-acceptance.

Merrithew MIT PJ O’Clair and physiotherapist Meredith Stephens will explore the connection between mindfulness practices and sports performance in a workshop at the upcoming CONNECT 2017: Connective Tissues in Sports Medicine International Congress (March 16–19) in Ulm, Germany. Participants will discuss recent research in mindfulness-based training and its impact on brain structures and pathways of interoception and how these relate to sports performance. PJ and Meredith will also demonstrate practical applications derived from mindfulness-based breathing practices and how to utilize props in creative ways to stimulate exteroception and proprioception in methods that are easy to teach and apply to a diverse client base in both rehabilitation and training settings.

To register for Mindfulness, Interoception and the Relevance to Sports Performance (March 19, 14:00–17:30), visit the CONNECT 2017 page, or contact Stefanie Eckardt at, email, or call +49 731-500-45310.