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New Programming: Halo® Training Instructor Foundation Course

Get a glimpse of the brand-new Halo Training

The team at Merrithew® is pleased to announce a brand-new Halo Training Foundation Course at the upcoming Merrithew Symposiums in Toronto and the UK.

This seven-hour course lays the educational groundwork for Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers and Mind Body Professionals to build safe, effective and varied core-integrated bodyweight training programs using the unique design of the Halo Trainer, Stability Ball and additional small props.

The course presents interval training principles and variables, timed and repetition-based program theory and exercise sequences that progress from beginner to advanced.

Get ready to sweat in this interactive learning session with over 125 detailed exercises and 21 complete workouts.

“Students may have taken one of our Halo Training workshops before and been exposed to the fundamental principles of Halo Training, but now in this Foundation course they get to experience them in a lot more depth, while earning Instructor status.” Wayne Seeto, Merrithew® Master Instructor Trainer

What to expect:

  • Overview of the history of Halo Training principles and variables and how to use them to create intensive training plans for group classes and individuals
  • Explanation of the concept and value of interval training
  • Exploration of different types of exercise intervals, i.e. timed and repetition-based
  • Instruction on how to use the Halo Trainer alone or with other props to create intensive workouts
  • Overview of the full curriculum of beginner, intermediate and advanced movement patterns
  • Physical conditioning to teach the Halo Training System of 21 timed or repetition-based workouts

Click for more information on programming for the upcoming UK Symposium, being held November 18–20 at One KX in London.