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Size it Up: Choosing the Right Stability Ball™

Choosing the Right Stability Ball

When deciding which Stability Ball is right for you, first break out the measuring tape.

Merrithew® Stability Balls are divided by size according to the estimated height of the person who will use them. For a brief refresher, we’ve outlined them below.

Now that you’ve found the right ball for your height, think about how and where you want to use it. Stability Balls are great in the gym for increasing core strength and proprioceptive awareness, but they are also a perfect fit for the home or office.

Free-standing Stability Balls can be used as chairs that subtly challenge the torso and encourage correct posture while you work at your desk or watch tv. Or place your ball on a Base for a less unstable surface with the same benefits. During breaks, use your Stability Ball for a few crunches or stretches to liven up your body and your mind before you get back to the task at hand.

*All Stability Balls are tested under 250 kg/550 lb of pressure and are made from latex-free, anti-burst polyvinyl.