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Giving Back: The Core Compassion Project

Jill Hinson (left) and Terrie Scudder (right), the first ever recipient of a Core Compassion Project Scholarship. Image courtesy of Jill Hinson, Core Compassion Project.

Community is the fabric that weaves all of our lives together, and giving back to the people who surround us is the ultimate way of saying thank you.

STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and owner of Core Studio Pilates & Yoga Jill Hinson is helping fight breast cancer with the Core Compassion Project, a non-profit that offers Pilates scholarships to survivors.

The rigors of cancer treatment are physically and emotionally draining, and through the Core Compassion Project Jill aims to use post-rehabilitative Pilates to build strength not only in the body, but in the mind and spirit as well.  For every $500 collected, the Project provides one survivor with 10 private sessions with a qualified and approved Instructor who can tailor a program that addresses the individual’s specific concerns. Inspiring testimonials from scholarship recipients and breast cancer survivors can be found here.

The Core Compassion Project started in the Core studio, Jill says, and has grown to include partnering instructors in Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. Many volunteers are clients from the Core studio, she notes, and the Core Compassion Project board and committee membership is comprised of legal advisors and members of the medical community.

“This has been four years of very hard work, but we are very humbled and proud of our program,” she says.