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5 Benefits of Agility Training

Benefits of Agility Training exercise

Agility is your body’s ability to be quick, graceful, and nimble. It is how effectively and efficiently you can move, change direction and the position of your body while maintaining control.

Being agile doesn't just improve athletic performance, it can improve how you move day-to-day. Whether you want to improve your balance, build your mind-body connection or improve your recovery time, agility training will get you there. As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect workout to take out to the back yard or a nearby park. Have some fun with it, get outdoors, challenge yourself and reap the benefits!

Benefits of agility exercise with Agility Ladder

  1. Injury prevention
    Many injuries happen when the body falls out of alignment in motion—think of pulling the muscles in your lower back if you lift from an improper position, or tearing the ligaments in a knee if you misstep. Agility training increases balance, control and flexibility, allowing the body to maintain proper posture and alignment during movement. Agility training helps the body learn correct body placement, meaning sensitive areas like the shoulders, lower back and knees are protected while moving quickly
  2. The mind-body connection
    Agility training helps build pathways in the brain for fast responses to various stimuli. At first, the responsive movements will seem forced, but as you practice, they will become more natural
  3. Improved balance and coordination
    Ever watched a gymnast on a balance beam? Her movements are dynamic, fluid and perfectly balanced. Agility training encourages the body to develop balance in the midst of dynamic movement, much like the gymnast on the beam. Practicing quick stops and starts, hand-eye coordination and speed help the body work as a whole. When the body is working in sync, movements become more fluid, for smooth, coordinated transitions
  4. Benefits of training with Collapsible Cones

  5. Improved recovery time
    Sometimes an intense workout can leave you with sore muscles and decreased energy levels the next day. But the bursts of movement in agility training, when practiced over a sustained period of time, help build strength in the musculoskeletal system, which in turn can shorten recovery time
  6. Increased results in minimal time
    Often agility training drills are also HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises, which can produce noticeable results in a minimal amount of time. Non-linear movements, such as side-stepping footwork using an Agility Ladder, or running a slalom course around Agility Cones, engage a greater number of muscles than if you were to simply run in a straight line. Engaging more muscles translates into greater results from your workout

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