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Makeover Your Service Menu

Service Menu Facelift

When spring arrives, we receive floods of new clients searching for mindful ways to get active and potentially shed a few winter pounds. For new clients—and for those who braved it to your studio all winter—consider sprucing up your service menu.

Fresh classes and workshops are a great way to inspire existing clients, reach out to new ones, increase attendance and motivate your Instructors to get creative. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

1. Poll your existing clients and offer tailored-made classes

Take a look at your clientele. Who are they? What classes are most popular? Why? Ask your clients about their interests outside of Pilates and look for trends and ideas for offering a special series that caters to a specific segment of your market. For example, do many of your clients also practice yoga? How about a special series offering Pilates for Headstands, a workout that targets the specific muscle groups necessary for the move.Do you have a significant population that plays golf? How about a series on Pilates for the Perfect Swing? We always recommend surveys as a great, anonymous way to collect feedback.Consider sending one out with your next newsletter or email. Collecting feedback is a great way to instill a sense of community while getting lots of relevant information.

Merrithew Pilates Golf Workshop

2. Partner with a local business

Go for a stroll around your neighbourhood and get to know local businesses in the area. Are there ways that you can collaborate with them to bring fresh, new ideas to your business that your clients will enjoy? Perhaps teaming up with a restaurant with a health-conscious menu to offer discount vouchers for clients, or a local children’s store to offer special pre and post-natal Pilates workshops or classes. Consider nearby offices, could you create a small private lunch-time class for employees. When you begin brainstorming with the community around you, the potential is exponential.

3. Host education and workshops

Hosting Instructor training sessions and special interest workshops for clients are also great ways to expand your client and knowledge base, as well as increase your contact list and grow your community. Consider hosting workshops on Pilates for Runners, or how to use your Foam Roller for your studio clients. Service your professional contacts and host Merrithew programs and Continuing Education workshops at your business – these are a great way generate income during slower periods of the day when local Instructors are generally available.

Merrithew Foam Rollers

4. Combine services for unique packages

Are you offering a variety of services? Consider creating custom packages of group classes, private sessions or other services like massage. These are great to offer during particular seasons or holidays as they make great gifts. Consider creating a package for Mother’s Day, which combining private sessions with a small set of group classes or a gift bag of fitness accessories.

5. Consider other Merrithew modalities

Based on the foundation of STOTT PILATES®, our ZEN•GA®, CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training, Total Barre® and Halo® Trainer programs are new modalities influenced by functional fitness, fascial fitness and high-intensity interval training. These modalities are a fantastic way to explore new areas of fitness while offering training that both you and your clients already understand. Check out training in your area or consider hosting for your instructors and community.

Have a new class or service that’s really taking off? Share them in the comments sections below!

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