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Time for a Tune-up?

The basics of studio equipment maintenance

So you've purchased your Reformers, Stability Chairs and accessories, and your studio is up and running. Every day clients' feet are pounding the Cardio-Tramp, legs are stretching the Reformer springs, and arms are supporting bodyweight on the Stability Chair. While it's great that business is booming, how do you ensure that your equipment remains in peak condition when it is in constant use?

As with many things in life, doing a little bit at a time now saves a large amount of time and energy later. At the end of every day in the studio, check the retractable rope system on Max Series Reformers to ensure that the ropes are engaged in the cleats and rope guide clip, make sure the removable shoulder rests are fully seated on the carriage and wipe down Reformer rails with a clean, damp cloth. Keep a spray bottle of water with a few drops of tea tree oil in it and clean cloths on hand to wipe down the upholstery after each use during the day.

Each week set aside time to make sure all the nuts, bolts and screws are securely fastened on all your equipment, and that plastic feet are securely attached and have the flat side facing the floor. Check that footbars and chrome adjuster bars are securely fastened, ensure pulley bar star knobs are tightened and inspect fixed and floating rollers for excessive wear by sitting on the carriage—the ride should be smooth and quiet. If it's not, it may be time for replacements. Springs on Reformers and Stability Chairs should be checked and replaced if deformed or showing signs of wear and tear. Pay extra attention to the Vertical Frame, and make sure the threaded bolts of the pulley blocks of the travelling pulleys are securely fastened. Confirm that the plunger button is locking securely into the Vertical Frame.

Every year, replace all spring clips on Reformers, Cadillacs, Wall Units and Spring Walls, and replace all springs on Reformers, Stability Chairs, Cadillacs, Wall Units, and Spring Walls every two years.

It can be a lot to remember, we know. So we've created a free maintenance schedule to help you. Download the Maintenance Schedule.