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On Trend for 2016

The American College of Sports Medicine recently published their annual predictions for fitness trends in 2016, and we’re happy to report that we are right on track with what’s trending this year—as we were last year, and the year before that. For the past three years, education and programming at Merrithew™ have encapsulated the majority of the fitness trends that consistently make the ACSM fitness trends list, including bodyweight training, high-intensity interval training, educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals, personal training, functional fitness, fitness for older adults, exercise and weight loss, and yoga.

Though the ACSM’s annual fitness trends shift slightly each year, moving up and down a sliding scale of importance, what’s actually on the list rarely changes. What this says to us is that the ACSM list shines a light on activities that provide a baseline for creating a healthy, fit lifestyle. Tried and true principles and methods of attaining fitness don’t go out of style, but the bells and whistles do. Take push ups, for example, a classic method of basic bodyweight training. The subtle details of how push ups are done, such as on an incline a decline, or incorporating tools like a Halo® Trainer or Stability Ball™, may change with the seasons, but the basic push up sticks around in some variation or another. And while we love changing things up from time to time with new products and features, we are constantly researching cutting-edge exercise science to create unparalleled programming that has a solid foundation in what actually works in achieving overall fitness and good health. Which is why we are on trend every year.

So, while we like that we are on trend, what we love is the pursuit of excellence in education, programming and products and giving our clients the best we possibly can in the mindful movement space. What are your personal fitness trends for 2016? We’d love to hear them.