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What's in the Bag - Moira Merrithew, MIT


Our Master Instructor Trainers (MITs) have busy schedules teaching programming and sharing wisdom with our community – and we admittedly pepper them with a lot of movement related questions all the time.  This month, in preparation for the Merrithew® Mindful Movement Symposium in the UK, we decided to change it up a bit by asking them some fun personal questions instead!

Ever wonder what you’ll find in our MITs travel bag? See what Moira Merrithew can’t leave home without:

1. Protein Bars - to ensure I eat something with my much needed first coffee in the morning. 

2. Emergen-C (vitamin C powder) - To keep the immune system strong while traveling. Especially when on planes where all sorts of nasty bugs are lurking.  

3. Makeup and my portable phone charger in my hand luggage at all times! - You never know when luggage will get lost, and let me just say that me without makeup can be quite a sight! Without my phone and access to the rest of the world I start to look like Grumpy Cat.

4. I love my new Merrithew® Folding Travel Mat, so it also goes in my hand luggage for my early morning wake up routine. - It’s eco-friendly, lightweight with a smooth side for a standing series and a sticky surface on the other side for exercises using body weight to maintain the old bone density. Not that I’m getting any older or anything!  

5. Last but not least, I can’t leave home without my favourite little MacBook Pro Gold laptop! - This little beauty holds the key to access pretty well everything in my life….Programming notes and videos, music, contacts, communications, movies, TV shows, photographs, books etc.

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