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What's in the Bag - Kim Kraushar, MIT

What's in the Bag with Kim Kraushar

Our Master Instructor Trainers (MITs) have busy schedules teaching programming and sharing wisdom with our community – and we admittedly pepper them with a lot of movement related questions all the time.  This month, in preparation for the Merrithew® Mindful Movement Symposium in the UK, we decided to change it up a bit by asking them some fun personal questions instead!

Ever wonder what you’ll find in our MITs travel bag? See what Kim Kraushar can’t leave home without:

1. My mini blue stability ball- I use it on the plane as a head support or a lumbar support 

2. One audio book on my phone

3. My good luck crystals - My friend put a concoction together in a little bag, she told me what their properties all are, I've long forgotten but I've been lucky so far, I keep bringing them just in case 

4. Tylenol so I can drink a few glasses of wine - I have to keep up with the Merrithew® team  

5. My notes!- I love to do extra prep on the flight

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