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Create Excitement with the Tower Trainer!

Monique Lavoie

Think fast: when’s the last time that you refreshed your client offerings? Or in hindsight, have they been doing the standard mindful movement workout consistently? The classics stick around for a reason: they work. But it’s always great to keep clients engaged with new, unanticipated changes.

Monique Lavoie, a Lead Instructor Trainer and owner of Pilates Winnipeg is a fan of changing things up every few years to give her clients a sense of progress and to keep them moving forward. We sat down with Monique to find out why one of her favorite pieces of equipment to switch things up with is the Tower Trainer and how she uses it to increase individual class revenue without compromising quality.

Dubbed the ultimate functional fitness machine, the Tower Trainer is great for Pilates, dance and traditional fitness training and helps exercisers develop balance, core stability and improved flexibility.

Read the full interview with Monique here and to see the Tower Trainer in action, watch the video below!

Patricia on the Tower Trainer