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4 Ways to Create a Studio Atmosphere at Home

Ways to Create a Studio Atmosphere at Home

Even with the best of intentions, popping into your local Pilates studio isn't always an option between the business of work, life and play. But there's almost always time to fit in a session at home. We've put together four ways that you can recreate the studio experience for your at-home STOTT PILATES® practice – no commute, no set class time and your spot is always secured!

  1. Dedicated Space – Practicing regularly in the same area, preferably free of distractions and full of natural light, will help to make your movement more mindful and consistent when at home. Want to stay motivated? Take those extra steps to create the right atmosphere. If you're looking for some Zen try dimming the lights, lighting candles and playing soft, relaxing music. Want to pick up the intensity? Let in the natural light and crank your favorite heart-pounding tracks.
  2. The Right Equipment – Whether you lean toward mat or Reformer, or even love a little bit of both, having the best gear at your disposal will make an at-home workout something to look forward to. A high-quality mat like the Merrithew/Airex Coronella 200 will make Mat-based workouts all the more gentle on your joints. Fan of Reformer workouts? An at-home Reformer need not sacrifice quality and high-performance to be affordable. A number of options are available for the at-home exerciser, ranging from the cost-effective At Home SPX® Reformer (20% off for the month of April!), the SPX Max Reformer with Vertical Stand (perfect for the space-challenged) or the multifunctional Tower Trainer.
  3. The Right Tools – Complete your studio-quality workout by investing in multi-use props and accessories that are cost-effective ways to bring variety to your at-home practice. Consider props like the Fitness Circle® and Toning Balls to add challenge to your Mat or Reformer routines.
  4. The Right Moves – Whether you're a Certified Instructor or a Pilates enthusiast, when working out from home a little guidance goes a long way. Make your exercise BFF one of our STOTT PILATES Wall Charts illustrating a series of exercises, the Exercise Guide that comes included with your purchase, or an exercise DVD from our library of over 145 titles. Ranging from mat to Reformer, our DVDs offer instructional workouts on everything from Vinyasa Yoga on Reformer to Strength Training, ensuring you're at home practice never gets dull.

We want to know – if you could bring home ANY piece of equipment, what would it be and why?