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Tricep Dips on the Halo® Trainer with Stability Ball™

Change things up with your 65 cm Stability Ball when you pair it up with the Halo Trainer! In this latest edition of the Spot the Difference series, Master Instructor Trainer Wayne Seeto helps you tone your arms doing tricep dips. As always, proper form and biomechanics will yield the best results: can you tell which demonstration is correct?

Tricep Dips

Version A

Version B

Scroll down to see if your guess is right.

Version A is correct!

Tricep Dips on the Halo Trainer

  1. Knees are too far forward. The knee should be over, and not extended past, the hind foot.
  2. Tucked pelvis and flexed lumbar spine. Both the pelvis and the lumbar spine should be in a neutral position.
  3. Scapula goes into a considerable anterior tilt. The shoulder joint should be in extension with a slight anterior tilt.