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Student Spotlight: Lorna Golombick

Lorna Golombick

Thinking about training with Merrithew? In our Student Spotlights, we talk to past and current students to get their perspective on training in mindful movement and how they take their skills to the industry.

This week, we chat with Lorna Golombick, a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and ZEN•GA Qualified Instructor located in Brisbane, Australia.

What brought you into the world of mind-body exercise?

In preparing for my wedding I was introduced to Pilates from a wonderful teacher who helped change my body like never before. In addition, as a physiotherapist the research regarding core stability and assisting with rehabilitation of injuries meant it would be a fantastic tool to use with my patients.

Getting the basics through STOTT PILATES programming and applying it in a rehab environment was what I was looking for. Fast forward to 2013 and the Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour – ZEN•GA was fantastic to address my interest in other mindful movement practices and fill in some of the blanks I had. The thoroughness of each program giving the background in anatomy and teaching observation and cueing skills is outstanding.

How have you put your skills to practice in the mind-body exercise industry?

I have set up a cancer rehabilitation facility and I am utilising my 20 years of physiotherapy experience combined with my 15 years of Pilates to empower my patients to live life to the fullest. Training with Merrithew has made me passionate about getting people to move, no matter what their disability, there is always a modification that can be made to allow this to happen.

In your opinion, what stands out about training from Merrithew?

The thoroughness of Merrithew education is the background in anatomy. The teaching, observation and cueing skills taught are outstanding and I am confident prescribing exercises that are functional and appropriate for my patients including the ZEN•GA method of breathing which is fantastic.

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