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Sports Exercise Series - Unilateral Pike on the Halo® Trainer
Check out our most challenge Sports Exercise Series post which conditions Divers for flawless execution.
Sports Exercise Series - Foot and Ankle Injury Prevention
How athletes (or anyone) can prevent foot and ankle injury with Weighted Massage Rollers.
Sports Exercise Series - Hip Mobilization with Weighted Exercise Hoop
Discover how gymnasts mobilize their hips, strengthen their core & challenge endurance with the Weighted Exercise Hoop.
Sports Exercise Series - Soft Tissue Massage with the Inflatable Body Roller
Read how endurance racers recoup faster with self-massage of the soft tissue.
Sports Exercise Series - Hip Release with Massage Point Foam Roller
Discover how Tennis players use the Massage Point Foam Roller to release hip tension.
Sports Exercise - Balanced V-Sit with Fitness Circle® Toning Rings
Our sports series continues with a look at how Volleyball players up their game with this Fitness Circle® Toning Ring exercise that challenges unilateral and asymmetrical movement.
Sports Exercise Series - Scissors with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™
See how Martial Arts athletes build strength & challenge balance with the Foam Mini Stability Ball™ in today's Sports Exercise post.
Sports Exercise - Mountain Climber with the Halo Trainer®
Discover how Swimmers build endurance & stamina while strengthening arms & legs with the Halo Trainer®.
Sports Exercise – Modified Airplane with Fitness Circle® Flex
In our Sport Exercise series we’re highlighting mind-body exercises catering to specific sports.
Pilates for Post-Orthopedic Surgery Patients
STOTT PILATES is the perfect prescription when working with post-orthopedic surgery clients.
Squat & Port de Bras on the Stability Barrel™
One of our favourite things about the new Stability Barrel is its ability to be used inverted or upright
7 Reasons to Add the Cadillac to Post-Rehab
Our top 7 reasons that the Cadillac is an outstanding piece of equipment for rehabilitation.