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Finding balance between pushing rehab clients and boosting their confidence is key to building trust
STOTT PILATES® instructor Carlo Yanez and double amputee Alex Dainty talk about how to respect boundaries and navigate setbacks in the studio
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How mind-body training helped these two personal trainers transform their clients’ mentality towards exercise
Teaching STOTT PILATES® to the acrobats, contortionists and clowns at Cirque du Soleil
Two Merrithew™ Instructor Trainers go behind-the-scenes at Cirque du Soleil to help the performers with injury prevention and recovery
Exercise of the Month: STOTT PILATES® Foot and Ankle Mobility on the Mini Stability Barrel™ Lite
Each foot has 28 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles. Yet our feet are often overlooked. Moira Merrithew and PJ O’Clair aim to change that
Ask the Expert: How do I keep my mind-body classes fresh and exciting for clients?
Merrithew™ Instructor Trainers share their tips on keeping clients engaged, motivated and eager to return
Build a Better Business: How to build a stronger student culture at your studio or Merrithew™ Training Center
By understanding and responding to their students’ needs, the Orange Room has an average referral rate of 80%
A double amputee discovers the power of STOTT PILATES® as part of his rehab journey
Meet STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor Carlo Yanez and his client Alex Dainty, a 28-year-old double amputee, as they embark on an incredible rehab journey
All in the Family: How a mother and daughter an ocean away stay connected through mindful movement
Sharing a passion and a profession comes in handy for a mother in Italy and a daughter in Canada
Here are 3 things you can expect from Merrithew’s Mindful Movement Symposium in New York
Merrithew™ Instructor Trainers tell you what they’re most looking forward to at the New York Symposium this March
Combine Merrithew™ education with long walks on the beach in Maui, Hawaii
Merrithew Host Training Center Fluid Motion Maui is becoming a destination for instructor training “in paradise”
What’s trending in fitness for 2020? And how to incorporate these trends into your mind-body practice
Group training, free weights and fitness programs for older adults are predicted to be among the top 20 fitness trends this year
How this physiotherapy clinic is integrating Pilates into its treatment plan for pelvic health patients
Pelvic health issues can affect everyone, from pelvic pain to poor bladder and bowel control – problems this clinic has been addressing holistically for more than a decade