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How to Teach Pilates to Kids
Teaching kids Pilates can be rewarding, yet challenging. Here are some tips from a pro
Spot the Difference: High Half Toe
Test your knowledge of High Half Toe in this edition of Spot the Difference
Prenatal Series: Fitness in the First Trimester
Have a pregnant client? Laureen Dubeau advises on considerations and recommended exercises
The Four Mindful Movement Principles of ZEN•GA®
A refresher on the core concepts behind the ZEN•GA program
Back to School: Three Ways Yoga and Pilates Benefit Kids
Connecting body and mind through Pilates and yoga is an especially effective way to bring out the best in kids
Exercise of the Month: Circuit Training: Squat, Kneeling Down, Swing and Kickbacks
Get ready to feel the burn with Lead Instructor Trainers Sarah Jarvis and Rie Sakamoto.
Ask the Expert: Winging Shoulder Blades
What can you do when your client sprouts "wings"? Our expert has the answer
Travel Series: What to Pack
Part of keeping fit is knowing how to pack. Lead Instructor Trainer Sarah Jarvis shows you how.
Moving Reformers: Tips for protecting your equipment
Best practices for moving your Reformers safely and effectively
Sport Training Tips for Active Aging
The old saying ‘a body in motion stays in motion’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to the aging population
Spot the Difference: Breaststroke Prep
How well do you know Breaststroke Prep? Take a look as Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto demonstrates the position and find out.
Travel Series: On the Road
Ease on down the road with these exercises to help loosen up the body on long car drives.