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Fitness accessories

Introducing the Stability Barrel™ Lite: 5 exercises to make your workout more dynamic
Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer Bianca Bolissian demonstrates how to get the most out of our new fitness tool
Ask the Expert: The importance of eccentric contraction
Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Sarah Jarvis explains why muscular control is crucial in both flexion and extension
Exercise of the Month: Cardio-Tramp® and Flex-Band® Loops Sequence
Learn how to intensify your clients’ upper and lower body exercises using our newest fitness accessory
Switch up your clients' workout with fitness props
Learn how to incorporate the foam roller and other accessories at Merrithew’s canfitpro workshops
How to choose the right foam roller for myofascial release
A guide to six popular foam rollers — who they’re for and what they do — to help your client get maximum benefits
How to use small weights to help clients build muscle tone
Help clients of all types pump up their Pilates practice with a range of small weights
Five ways agility training helps clients achieve results
Agility training exercises can help clients prevent injury, build balance, coordination and strength, gaining positive results faster
Mindful Movement Programming for Kids: 4 ways to adapt programming for kids
Merrithew Instructor Trainers Bob and Wendy Andersen share some of their favorite ways to mix games with mindful movement for kids
Mindful Movement Programming for Kids: 4 ways to incorporate play to teach kids to move mindfully
Merrithew Instructor Trainer Joe McCarthy shares some of his favorite ways to mix games with mindful movement for kids
5 Props Every Instructor Should Have
Check out our 5 favorite props that every instructor should have to offer an effective workout for varying fitness levels
Ask the Expert: How do I stay active and healthy during the holiday season?
Our Merrithew Instructor Trainers share some fun ideas on what they do to stay healthy and active, while still enjoying the festive season
Stimulating Fascia: Working with the Myofascial System
Fascia, the connective tissue that weaves throughout the body, is a crucial element in maintaining overall health and optimal physical function