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STOTT PILATES® Instructor Spotlight: Bob Andersen
Bob's first love was the mechanics of movement. Finding STOTT PILATES® was a happy accident that changed the path of his career.
Ask the Expert: Hunched Shoulders
How to handle hunched shoulders? Our expert weighs in.
STOTT PILATES® Rehab: Multifidus Targeter
Master Instructor Trainer Wayne Seeto demonstrates this exercise that targets the multifidus.
Spot the Difference: Backrowing
Challenge your knowledge with Lead Instructor Trainer Rie Sakamoto and Master Instructor Trainer Stefania Michas.
Spot the Difference: Scissors
How well do you know positioning with Scissors on the Arc Barrel? Take this quiz and find out.
Ask the Expert: What should you do with a client who has whiplash?
When in doubt about whether or not a client is injured, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.
Makeover Your Skills: Merrithew™ Specialty Tracks
Want to be more marketable in the fitness arena? Gain access to niche client groups with added skills
Building a Business Series 2: Finding a Space
You need as little as 400-800 square feet for a Pilates studio—roughly the size of a racquetball court.
Back to Basics Series: Why Get Certified?
Why get Certified? The benefits of the emPower program.
STOTT PILATES® Instructor Spotlight: Ong Lip Qin
Physiotherapist Ong Lip Qin on rehab-integrated Pilates.
STOTT PILATES® Instructor Spotlight: Vanessa Pearce
Vanessa Pearce knew what she wanted to do. But life had something a little different in mind
STOTT PILATES® Student Spotlight: Hyun-Sun Heo
STOTT PILATES® Student Hyun-Sun Heo shares her training journey