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Exercise of the Month: Total Barre® Arms, Triceps, Squats
Tighten and tone your arms and legs with these moves from the Total Barre repertoire.
Runner Series: Side Splits: Platform Leg Pressing & Carriage Leg Pressing
Balance is key in endurance running. Join Lead Instructor Trainers David Taylor and Bianca Bolissian as they demonstrate this exercise that builds balance and works on the abductors
How to Refresh Your Certification
Want to return to teaching, but unsure of where to start? Here are some pointers for refreshing your Certification.
Runner Series: Bilateral and Unilateral Long Stretch
Lead Instructor Trainers David Taylor and Bianca Bolissian demonstrate Reformer-based exercises that work on runners' arms and obliques
Ask the Expert: Clients with Wrist Pain
Does your client have wrist issues? Our expert talks about modifications to help
Runner Series: Bend & Stretch with Fitness Circle®
Lead Instructor Trainers David Taylor and Bianca Bolissian use the Fitness Circle® in this exercise that builds the glutes and hip flexors.
Mindfulness and Sports Performance: PJ O’Clair at CONNECT 2017
Join Merrithew™ MIT PJ O'Clair in Germany as she explores the relationship between mindfulness and sports performance at CONNECT 2017.
Runner Series: Side-lying Jump Series on the Cardio Tramp™
Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainers David Taylor and Bianca Bolissian explore this Reformer-based exercise that builds explosive power in the legs.
Runner Series: Chest Press with Squats and Rotation
Have runners as clients? Join Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainers as they show Reformer-based STOTT PILATES® exercises that target runners' needs