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Mindful Connection


Instructor Spotlight: Sara Baker
Sara Baker has combined physical therapy and STOTT PILATES® Rehab to run a successful Pilates studio and physical therapy practice
CORE™ for Weekend Warriors: Burpee with Halo® Trainer Plus
Build core strength and get your heart rate up with this challenging exercise.
CORE™ for Weekend Warriors: Lunges with Rotation using the Medicine Ball and Halo® Trainer Plus
Focus on the quads, abductors, glutes and obliques with this CORE™ exercise
Traditional STOTT PILATES® Exercises to Start your Home Practice: Long Stretch & Pushup Prep
Build upper body and core strength in this exercise you can do at home.
CORE™ for Weightlifters: Pushup with Rotation to Side Plank
Warm up the chest and scapulae for back flyes
CORE™ for Weightlifters: Plank with Medicine Ball Toss
Build your triceps, obliques and core for better lifts
Move through the History of Matwork in Chicago
Examine the history of Pilates, from the Contrology of Joseph Pilates' original studio, to the research-based modifications and additions of STOTT PILATES®.
Traditional STOTT PILATES® Exercises to Start Your Home Practice: Twist Short Box
Join Master Instructor Trainer Laureen Dubeau as she explains this exercise that builds the obliques.
Instructor Spotlight: Laura Mohi
The founder of Wild Pilates in Auckland, New Zealand, opened her first Pilates studio at the age of 26