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At Home Reformer Challenge: Week 1 Arms and Back

At Home Reformer Challenge Week 1

Want to keep fit, strong and energized this May? Join us for the At Home Reformer Challenge!

Every day on Instagram, we’ll be posting a new STOTT PILATES® Essential or Intermediate exercise that you can do on your Merrithew® Reformer. Each week we’ll be targeting a different area of the body, so by the end of the month, you’ll have an entire full-body Reformer workout that you can do at home anytime.

For those who are new to Reformer Pilates, try completing 6 reps of each exercise. If you want to challenge yourself and increase the intensity, complete 8-10 reps, and if you’re an advanced practitioner, aim for 12-15 reps. Track your progress by tagging #ReformerChallenge on Instagram!

For Week 1, we focused on the arms and back. Here’s a recap of the whole workout.

1. Biceps Curls

Biceps Curls A
Biceps Curls B

Starting position: Sit facing pulleys, holding the straps with elbows at shoulder height.

Movement: Pull hands towards shoulders. Return.

2. Airplane

Airplane A
Airplane B

Starting position: Sit facing pulleys, holding the straps, arms out at sides.

Movement: Push hands back, maintaining the height of the arms. Return.

3. Plow on Long Box

Plow on Long Box A
Plow on Long Box B

Starting position: Prone on box facing pulleys, holding ropes with arms reaching forward. Spine flexed forward.

Movement: Pull arms back extending mid-back. Release.

4. Triceps on Long Box

Triceps on Long Box A
Triceps on Long Box B

Starting position: Prone on box facing pulleys, holding ropes with elbows by the side. Neutral spine.

Movement: Extend elbows back. Bend elbows.

5. Star Prep

Star Prep A
Star Prep B

Starting position: Facing the side. Shins against the shoulder rests, one hand holding the footbar, spine neutral in side plank position.

Movement: Push carriage out with arm, lift opposite arm up. Release.

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