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5 Props Every Instructor Should Have

Exercise Props

Whether you teach in the studio, in your home or in your clients’ homes, there are a few exercise props that every instructor should have to offer an effective workout for varying fitness levels. To keep things simple, we opted for a versatile list that’s travel friendly for instructors who are on the go. Check out our 5 favorite items!

Strong foundation

For a strong foundation

Having a good exercise mat can make all the difference for working out. A good multi-purpose mat, such as the Deluxe Pilates Mat, is durable yet soft enough to protect your spine and can withstand repeated use. Or, this Pilates Express Mat is cushy, lightweight and portable with integrated Velcro straps so you can easily roll it back up to store it. If you’re teaching a group class, matwork is a great option to introduce exercises that build flow and continuity.

Exercise Props

For flexibility and resistance

No Reformer? No problem! Having a few Flex-Bands® on hand is an easy way to add resistance training—especially if you’re looking to target the whole body. With varying levels of resistance, these bands simulate many flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer and promote muscular endurance. Check out this article on ways you can use bands in your programs.

Exercise variety

For exercise variety

Much like the Flex Bands, the Resistance Loop allows you to maximize your clients’ workouts. Because the loops can easily wrap around the hands or feet (or both), you can challenge your clients’ strength, speed and flexibility in a number of ways. You can also use them to add peripheral resistance, increase or decrease intensity and use them in conjunction with other props. In addition, because of their versatility and varying resistance levels, they’re also ideal for rehabilitative exercises.

Progressions and regressions

For progressions and regressions

Providing limitless options for a great total-body workout, the Halo® Trainer Plus is a versatile and mobile tool that can be used for a variety of exercise goals. For beginner clients, post-rehab clients or active aging clients, you can use this tool to integrate corrective exercises into their program, and you can add even more exercise options when you pair the Halo Trainer Plus with a Stability Ball. More advanced clients can use it to build strength (especially in the core), endurance, stabilization and to provide proprioceptive feedback.

Posture and muscle release

For posture and muscle release

With a Foam Roller, you can help your clients activate those deep core muscles and improve balance and posture. It’s also an excellent tool for myofascial release and alleviating muscle tension and stress. There are numerous roller options and movements you can incorporate while your client is sitting, standing or lying down, which can promote improved performance during a workout.

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