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2018 Symposium Workshops – A look at what's new!

2018 Symposium Workshops

The 8th Merrithew® Mindful Movement Symposium - UK is just around the corner, November 8-11, 2018, and there is no shortage of great course and workshop options to choose from.

With a plethora of workshops available, the 2018 Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium in London, UK is the perfect opportunity to earn CECs, expand your knowledge base, and network amongst the fitness community.

Here is an in-depth look at some of the NEW workshops at the 2018 UK Symposium:

STOTT PILATES® Assessment and Warm Up for Foundational Movement – Part A
In this multi-planar functional assessment workshop, simple foundational movement evaluations that help assess a client’s mobility, stability, balance and sensory awareness are described and experienced. Learn how to effectively incorporate props like the Stability Barrel, Toning Balls, Flex-Bands® and Mini Stability Balls®, while also getting the opportunity to program in groups to ensure a thorough understanding of the findings.

STOTT PILATES® Matwork Programming for Foundational Movement – Part B
Effectively design a floor-based session by building on the knowledge gathered from the foundational movement assessments in Part A. A review of simple foundational movement assessments will provide information on a client’s level of mobility, stability and sensory awareness. Props, including the Stability Barrel, Flex-Band®, Mini Stability Ball® and Toning Balls, are used.

STOTT PILATES® Reformer Programming for Foundational Movement – Part C
Building on the knowledge that was gained in Part A of this series, Reformer-based variations and modifications are discussed, including how spring tension can improve movement patterns, muscle firing and body awareness. Learn how to assess a client’s mobility, stability, balance and sensory awareness and how to implement Reformer-based sequences to deal with common dysfunctions and restore more efficient movement to everyday life.

Total Barre® Endurance with Props
In this four-hour workshop, learn how to incorporate props into a lively, music-inspired barre class to provide a fun and intense challenge. Learn how to activate stabilizing and mobilizing muscles with the added resistance of a Flex-Band®, and how the Mini Stability Ball provides both support and challenge. This fun workout will ensure target muscles are firing effectively, and clients are getting the desired results.

See the full list of programming, including our NEW post-rehab workshops: STOTT PILATES Osteoporosis and Bone Health: What you Need to Know – Part A, STOTT PILATES Matwork Programming for Osteoporosis and Bone Health – Part B, STOTT PILATES V2 Max Plus Reformer Programming for Osteoporosis and Bone Health – Part C, and STOTT PILATES Programming for Scoliosis Health. Register or speak with an Education Advisor by emailing or calling 1-800-910-0001, ext. 300. Can’t join us for the 2018 UK Symposium? Join us in Seoul, South Korea, February 22-24 or in the spring at our New York City Mindful Movement Symposium. See our events page for a full list of upcoming events.

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